Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

The Company’s Board of Directors establishes the good corporate governance system and good practices of listed company directors to achieve efficient business operation, stability, sustainable development, economically added value by taking into account stakeholders. It sets management policies on the basis of honesty, good faith, morality, transparency and fairness provided by the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Hence, the following corporate governance policies have been prescribed in writing and handed out to Directors, Executives and employees.

Corporate Governance Policies

The Board of Directors is confident that a proper, transparent and accountable governance system is in place along with checks and balances and an internal
control system that is sufficient and appropriate. Alongside these mechanisms are due respect for the rights and equality of shareholders and accountability
to all stakeholders. These key factors contribute to the enhancement of the organization’s immunity and promotion of a balanced and sustainable growth
in the long-term.

In pursuance thereof, the Board of Directors thereby prescribed the following governance policies as a practice guideline for the Company directors,
Executive Officers and all employees.

  1. Company Directors, Executive Officers and all employees are fully committed to the application of governance principles, business ethics
    and Codes of Conduct for Company Directors, Executive Officers and employees to Company operations.
  2. Company Directors, Executive Officers and all employees must perform their duties responsibly, prudently, earnestly and honestly in accordance
    with the relevant laws, Company Articles and Notifications.
  3. Actions shall be taken to ensure that the Company management structure contains clear prescriptions of powers, duties and responsibilities
    of each Company Committee and Executive Officer.
  4. An internal control system shall be installed and risks shall be managed at suitable levels, including an accounting system and financial statement
    which are accurate and reliable.
  5. Information shall be disclosed in a sufficient, reliable and timely matter to the extent that the legitimate interests of the Company are not
  6. The ownership rights of shareholders shall be appreciated and respected. Shareholders shall be treated equitably.
  7. Undertakings shall have regard to the responsibilities of shareholders, stakeholders, communities, society and the environment.
  8. There shall be a determination to strive towards business excellence with commitment to the creation of customer satisfaction by receiving comments and self-assessments in order to enhance management capabilities and continually promote productive creativity.
  9. Virtue, ethics and good values shall be instilled. Employees shall be treated fairly with a commitment to develop and enhance the capabilities of
  10. Dishonest conduct, corruption and intellectual property violations shall be suppressed. Laws and human rights shall be respected.
  11. Conflict of interests shall be dealt with prudently and reasonably with due regard for the Company’s interests.
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